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Longarm Quilting Services


Turn your quilt top into a finished quilt with our professional longarm quilting services. We offer a quick turn around with a very simple intake process.

Our pricing is based on a "per square inch" calculation. Simply multiply the length of the quilt by the width to find the total square inch. 

Pricing for longarm quilting varies on the type of quilting you would like on your quilt.  
Edge to Edge (E2E): $0.025 - $0.03
This type of quilting will run from edge to edge on your  quilt, creating an all over design.  Pantograph or  Freehand designs vary in price depending on the size and density.  Designs run from edge to edge across the quilt.
Semi-Custom: $0.03 - $0.04 per square inch
An edge to edge design in the body of the quilt with a separate design in the borders. (up to 3 borders 8" max.)

Custom: $.045+ per square inch
If you would like something very unique and custom quilted, we can work within your budget and with your style to create the perfect quilt top for your one of a kind piece. 
Additional Services:
Quilt Preparation          $30.00 per hour
Pressing                        $15.00
Backing piecing             $15.00 per seam
Quilt Trimming              included in quilting prices
Binding (machine)          $0.20 per linear inch

Tips for Preparing your Quilt

  • The 3 layers of your quilt are loaded separately onto the longarm - you do not need to pin or baste the layers together.

  • Please iron your quilt top, take the time to trim any loose threads on the back of your quilt - especially dark threads, they may show through on a light colored fabric.

  • If your quilt is directional, please mark with a safety pin, so it can be mounted and quilted appropriately. 

  • Secure all seams, especially those on pieced borders  - you can run a 1/8" seam around the outer edges if you have lots of small blocks - this will ensure the quilt will remain stable until it gets quilted. 

  • If you are planning on using embellishments are your quilt - it is best to add them after the quilt is quilted.

  • If you need to piece your backing, it is much nicer to place the seam horizontal - then it is dealt with once while quilting. Remember to take the selvage off the 2 pieces of fabric and use a 1/2" seam and press it out flat. Outer selvages can be left

  • Please make sure your backing and batting are as close to 4" bigger than your quilt top on all sides. 

* We cannot guarantee the outcome of any backings that are pieced.  We gladly accept quilts with pieced backings as long as you are aware we are not responsible for the outcome.
We carry a selection of widebacks - cotton and flannel.  We also carry Hobbs 80/20 batting, as well as washable wool, bamboo silk and polydown.

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